Sunday, January 4, 2009

All right, here goes. We are going to do a bit of a blog blitz here, lots of pictures and witty comments thrown out in a totally random order. To give some scope, this blog post covers Christmas, Misty's brother's wedding reception, and pictures we happened to think were cute when we were uploading images. Tally ho!

It's just plain impossible to play Mozart with a two octave reach
This is Misty's brother Joe with his new bride from Brazil, Rose.

Yup, bikes rock, now if only we had longer legs

Thanks for the Veggie Tales, Aunt Jamie! We've only watched it twenty times!

Corban picked up unwrapping presents with disturbing ease. The only challenge was keeping him from opening everyone's presents for them.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Corban desparately needs a hair cut

Chris graduated!!! We are so proud of him!!! GO DAD!!!

During the graduation Corban went around the gym saying Hi to everybody. He would just look up from crawling, wave his hand and smile really big. It looked like he thought everybody was there for him!

Two good lookin' smart men! Love you guys!

Chris and his family came down for his graduation. It was lots of fun seeing them again. Thanks for coming down. We love you guys!

Corban loves to play in his toy box. He thinks it is lots of fun to pull himself up and tell his parents what to do, then start to laugh.

Chris got this really cool idea to make a play area for Corban out of our couch. It worked for a while until he found out how to climb. Now we just let him climb up whatever he wants and try to catch him when he falls down.

Again, Corban trying to climb up everything. I think he got that from his dad!

Chris doesn't take pictures, so Corban and I took some pictures of ourselves so he knows he had a mom growing up as well! He is so cute!

We got Corban a ball pit to keep him out of trouble when we couldn't watch him every second. He is still climbing, but hasn't quite gotten stable enough not to fall. He is getting better though, and hopefully he will soon be able to run around on his own. For his sake and for ours!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First driving lesson

We were sitting in a church parking lot, giving Corban some time to recover from a long drive, when Corban decided that he wanted to get in a little action behind the steering wheel. Chris was holding him on his lap and rolling down a hill in the parking lot. Corban gripped the steering wheel tight and tried to get us to safety!!! He even tried to grab the clutch and, of course, check his blind spot. What a good boy, Chris has taught him well!

I was starting to look for things to pack up in the house when I came upon a old stuffed animal that had this little leather jacket on it. Corban loved it and started to play with it and chew on it. After a while, I realized that Corban and the stuffed animal where the same size, so I took the jacket off the stuffed bear and put it on him. I think he looks much better in it then the bear did! I guess he found a new jacket! ;)

First baby food experience

Corban kept staring at us while we ate, trying so hard to eat with us, so we decided that we would try a little bit of baby food. SWEET POTATOES!!! He made a mess trying to eat his hands while he was trying to chew his food, but in the end we weren't quite as dirty as he was. He loved every bite of it and smiled through the whole thing! I think we have found one of his favorite foods.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Chris took Corban outside to look at the flowers and he came back in with a flower in his hand and wouldn't give it to mom. He obviously thought he deserved it more than I did! He sure does look cute though.